Saturday, December 23, 2006

Why I am left absolutely frustrated ....

Reason : Chelsea.

Are these guys going to lose or what. Last week Everton had the better of them. They really deserved to lose that game, and they came away with 3 points. Same yesterday, at Wigan. Really, really deserved to drop two points, if not all three. I just wonder, how long can they keep coming up with such late winners and spectacular goals to stay in touch. It can't happen forever.

Remember the first day of the season last year at Wigan with the Crespo shot, the game at Arsenal where Essien scored a fantastic goal, and also I think they deserved to lose the game at Old Trafford. Man U dominated that game, and still they came up with the point. I'm totally exasperated. Yes, yesterday's win against Aston Villa was tasty, but what is more important is that Chelsea drop points, because we are going to. There just has to be a period when we will slump, and Chelsea will be on top. Then it can all disappear very quickly. What I am most worried about is that this is Chelsea's slump and they're still winning. Today I'm feeling as pessimistic as David Renwick. Hopefully, my fears will be ill-founded.

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