Sunday, April 29, 2007

Shame, shame!

Fortunately Andrew Miller spares me the agony of putting this in words. Still, I'm somehow glad that I stayed up and watched.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Aane waalaa pal ...

I and Kapeesh were talking recently about how one looked back at old writings and often felt embarrassed, overcome by a sudden urge to purge the said material and disown any claims to the same. One often wonders if and how once one could've been so naive/stupid/inarticulate/idiotic and a litany of similar epithets.

I however very rarely feel this way - as the stronger feeling is that of understanding and assessing personal development in terms of thinking, writing in specific and expression in general. I was once obsessed with seeing the stats for this blog - and often cast the digital version of an envious eye at folks like this guy, this guy and sometimes even this guy. I dreamed one day of lazing around at home while adwords clinked money into the pit of my boundless web-sack.

A few months later however the realization dawned, and more profoundly so after the experience with revisits of older posts, that I should firstly write for myself - like a semi-personal diary for book-keeping and suchlike. I once tried writing a diary, but the whole enterprise is inherently flawed in that the basic premise is that no one is meant to read what is written, and though this may permit jottings of more personal details, totally no attention is paid to language and structure - the diary becoming more of a faceless log-book rather than a living, talking journal.

One of the things i most enjoy reading from that time - and one which floods back memories of dial-ups and Kimaya among other things is this thread from the now-defunct Fergusson College Cultural Committee forum. Do read if you have the time - and the desire to look back into my writing past. It might not be the best example for the contrast that I want to depict. But the effort would be worth in the content itself.

And yes, read quick - before I decide that this post is too amateurish and needs to fall prey to the delete button.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Go Ogle Gulp for Yash.

Normally, youtube posts are avoided to pay homage to long-past days of dial-ups and suchlike. However when a good friend, and co-quiz-organizer, celebrates by gulping down a bottle of Pepsi in less that 5 secs (exact times yet to be calculated) - it surely deserves a mention. And no, unlike joey, it all went in.

Pixelated video credits : Kapeesh

Finally, the right rumour.

I've been shouting myself hoarse since a year that a relatively easy, but extremely effective buy for Manchester United would be Blackburn's Morton Gamst Pedersen. I thought all those goals against us would've convinced the gaffa about the boy's quality. Anyway, finally i read the lines, that make my smile grow a bit wider. 8 million would be a steal, and if two of Owen Hargreaves/ Franck Ribery/ Fernando Torres also make it to Old Trafford, then the depth on the squad would be fantastic.

There is also talk about the Dutch wonderkid, Klaas Jan Huntelaar coming - but I haven't yet seen him play, so can't comment on that.

Even in Manchester United go on to win 2/3 trophies that would be brilliant because they would've done it without a really world class out-and-out striker, something that is essential to any team that has to do well at the highest level. People would point to Saha, but IMHO he does not count as one. Ronaldo, Rooney and Giggs' superior performances and Vidic and Ferdinand at the back have held the team together for the entire season and hopefully Carrick will show the trues potential that we all know he truly possesses.

To end, a few nice quotes from this weekend.(All from here)

"If I could go back in time I would have stayed at home."
Roma coach Luciano Spalletti after seeing his side beaten 7-1 by Manchester United.

Interviewer : So is the pressure now on Manchester United?
Jose Mourinho: No, no pressure. If they play well, they will win. If they don't play well, they will get a penalty and still win.
Mourinho after Chelsea closed the gap at the top of the Premiership to three points.

"I'd compare him to the incomparable George Best."
David Pleat singing Cristiano Ronaldo's praises during Man Utd's win over Roma.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Copy right ,Prime Minister.

Regulars here, and some quizzers might remember that my post introducing the Centaurian System of Scoring and Passing the concept of PMQs. i.e Popular Misconception Questions. However, a powerless and comparatively small in size isaam like me, cannot protect his own interests. The British Government has shamelessly ripped off the acronym, and is using it to promote what they call "Prime Minister's Questions".

It is supposed to be some pseud concept where the overpaid, under-worked smart asses called MPs questions the Prime Minister on questions of monumental importance like "what are your engagements for today", "how much did you stuff up Ahmadinejad to release those 15 pot-smoking, cast-offs" and " is it true that the reason why your ears are so big is that they were pulled forcefully by your nanny with coal-heated tongs because you were in love with Mr.Tabbot, your professor of mathematics at Chorister Elementary" ?

Now, prima facie, it may appear that the British Government in fact came up with this first, but serious investigative work on my part has revealed that this is not the case. It is a sheer case of the small man losing out against the big, power wielding goons at the top, that we have. This will not be tolerated and to protest I shall used the word PMQ 5 times in my next sentence. PMQ, PMQ, PMQ, PMQ and PMQ. That meant nothing, but it must've hurt - you spineless bastards!

Friday, April 06, 2007

You can quote me on that ...

The biggest gift of religion to the world is the concept of the holiday.