Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Do Check out

I've been discovering a few good online comics recently. And no they are not four lettered nonsensical words beginning with x.

Salil recommends Fly You Fools, which is on the whole quite appetizing.I recommend "See Mike Draw." On initial reading I particularly liked these two.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Two (original) jokes for the day

Why did Raju submit just half a picture for his essay competition?
Because it had a 500 word limit

Why did Thaimei feel sad that she had lost her shin guard?
Because of reasons of personal attachment.

What is common to ...

Steve Redgrave, Sebastian Coe, Daley Thompson and Bradley Wiggins haggling over a match in August
a 10-foot high stack of cash being pursued by a line of footballers
a restaging of the Gunpowder plot
Emperor Hadrian, keeps pointing at his sundial and (saying) to "get on with it".

They're all likely to feature in another 4 years when Britain decides to show the world "what its made of". At least according to Robbo in this piece here.

But the most important point - and one to which he concedes right at the start is that "the idea of organising 40,000 Brits into one four-hour spectacular is a complete non-starter."

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Lyrics - Tun Ho Toh - Farhan Akhtar - from Rock On

तुम हो तोह ...
फरहान अख्तर

तुम हो तो गाता है दिल
तुम नही तोह गीत कहा
तुम हो तो है सब हासिल
तुम नही तो  क्या है यहाँ
तुम हो तो है सपनो के जैसा हसीं
एक समां

जो तुम हो तोह यह लगता है
के मिल गई हर खुशी
जो तुम न हो यह लगता है
के हर खुशी में है कमी
तुम को है मालूम
यह जिंदगी

तुम हो तोह राहें भी है
तुम नही तोह रस्ते कहा
तुम हो तोह यहाँ सब ही है
तुम नही तोह कौन यहाँ
तुम हो तोह है
हर एक पल मेहरबान
यह जहाँ

जो तुम हो तोह हवा मैं भी
मोहोबत्तों का रंग है
जो तुम न हो तो फिर कोई
ना जोश ना उमंग है
तुम मिले तोह मिली
यह जिंदगी

Lyrics for Tum Ho Toh, sung by Farhan Akhtar, written by Javed Akhtar for the movie Rock On. Lyrics in devanagari.