Wednesday, November 24, 2004

Public Notice

issued by : (as per aai rules) My parents

We hereby proclaim that our son is an adult (atleast by law) and we are not responsible for any future misconduct on his part. And by the way - happy b'day.

PS:Abhishek says : atleast i can be a member of inquizitive now(i.e. without faking your age)

Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I peeped out of my window
To see an alarming thing
Two extremely charged-up children
Were very fiercely fighting

My heart pained, On seeing
This very alarming thing
To see such young noble children fighting
Is not a heart-warming thing.

Shouting and screaming,
Seemingly out of their wits!
They seemed to be tearing,
Each other to bits

I couldn’t bear the trauma
And shut my painful window,
I thought I hadn’t seen it
The fighting, and the power show

Next day on my walk,
And what do I see
The two same children
Playing together with glee

I looked at the heavens
And flashed an inward smile
I applauded Him on making , children
In such a beautiful style !

A 7th Std. Abhishek

Baithe Baithe kya kare,
Karna hai kuch kaam,
EEE ke circuit suljhaye
Ya Taylor/McLaurin ko kare salaam !