Wednesday, November 10, 2004


I peeped out of my window
To see an alarming thing
Two extremely charged-up children
Were very fiercely fighting

My heart pained, On seeing
This very alarming thing
To see such young noble children fighting
Is not a heart-warming thing.

Shouting and screaming,
Seemingly out of their wits!
They seemed to be tearing,
Each other to bits

I couldn’t bear the trauma
And shut my painful window,
I thought I hadn’t seen it
The fighting, and the power show

Next day on my walk,
And what do I see
The two same children
Playing together with glee

I looked at the heavens
And flashed an inward smile
I applauded Him on making , children
In such a beautiful style !

A 7th Std. Abhishek

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