Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Quiz results of a different kind

On zigzackly's advice we took this test to test our economic inclinations.

This is what the first one threw up.

And then we took the shorter (almost ridiculous) second test. The chart on this one was however more attractive.

Take these yourself and tell me how you scored. Maybe we can fill out a joint application to this particular group, if I find someone in the same quarter.

Monday, June 19, 2006

I shudder to think ...

What would happen when COEP turns 175 years old. Going by the Wikipedia list of anniversaries it would be Terquasquicentennial. Wow! and you thought Sesquicentenary was bad enough.

BTW, on all other fronts great things are happening in college. The Comp dept. now has a lab where we can access great fast internet from morning till night. Dunno if this will continue after the vacations and when we have no specific work, probably not, but still its a start.

Then the (previously) absolutely shambolic COEP website is being ramped uo. Do check it out if you have not been there in some time. OK, some old bits of the page still irritatingly show up and it is not exactly going to win design awards, but still...

Then there is this exciting thing called Aarewah, a COEP community portal started by enthusiastic alumni. I like eveything apart from the name, but you can't have it all can you. Do see.

The to round up the COEP Vaarta for today, COEP's wiki page is coming along better than when I checked last time. There is a page on Punt Formation (though horribly incomplete), and our dear old friend is listed alongside, the first student of COEP, among others. Any guesses as to who put that up ?

(PS : If you are wondering why I have suddenly become so chivalrous to the lady by the river, this is to let you know that I did it on presciprtion. With all the previous mud-slinging that I had indulged in at my so called 'Alma Mater', i was close to getting pneumonoultramicroscopicsilicovolcanoconiosis, so my doc suggested that this was the only was of ever recovering. Sigh!)

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Good Work, or shall i say, Shaabaash!

Hrish, is doing some great travel writing at Karma Generation. And his photography has really improved. He is suddenly talking exposure times and what not! Anyway, looks pretty good.You can also check out his new barba-negre look.

Btw, as for the lack of frequency of posting, have been hassled for time. You will know soon what the Great One is up to. But for the moment, go and turn your tele for some entertainment. The least you can do is cry over why they show "Duniya Goal Hai", and why does Ravi Shastri try and speak hindi.