Sunday, April 15, 2007

Copy right ,Prime Minister.

Regulars here, and some quizzers might remember that my post introducing the Centaurian System of Scoring and Passing the concept of PMQs. i.e Popular Misconception Questions. However, a powerless and comparatively small in size isaam like me, cannot protect his own interests. The British Government has shamelessly ripped off the acronym, and is using it to promote what they call "Prime Minister's Questions".

It is supposed to be some pseud concept where the overpaid, under-worked smart asses called MPs questions the Prime Minister on questions of monumental importance like "what are your engagements for today", "how much did you stuff up Ahmadinejad to release those 15 pot-smoking, cast-offs" and " is it true that the reason why your ears are so big is that they were pulled forcefully by your nanny with coal-heated tongs because you were in love with Mr.Tabbot, your professor of mathematics at Chorister Elementary" ?

Now, prima facie, it may appear that the British Government in fact came up with this first, but serious investigative work on my part has revealed that this is not the case. It is a sheer case of the small man losing out against the big, power wielding goons at the top, that we have. This will not be tolerated and to protest I shall used the word PMQ 5 times in my next sentence. PMQ, PMQ, PMQ, PMQ and PMQ. That meant nothing, but it must've hurt - you spineless bastards!

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Vedang said...

I don't know what your PMQ stood for, and since I'm not into quizzing I couldn't care less. But I love those monumental questions because they concern our great leaders who guide us like beacons... :D. Have you seen the news channels? They would be without a job if it weren't for these questions! Go PMQ! And I mean the other kind!