Monday, December 11, 2006

Ever wanted Wikipedia offline ?

Well now you can have it. I know it might be a bit irrelevant when you have a decent all-day internet connection, but if you are using a laptop that cannot be in a hotspot everyday or a mobile device with the same problem you might often want to have the entire net / slices of it offline. This is a problem that i faced especially when I was on dial-up. But now, there is a solution.

Say hello to, Webaroo. Webaroo is a nifty application that allows you to download the data on the internet in the form of Webpacks. These are slices of the internet created by Webaroo, and can be found under hundreds of diverse topics. And one of these is Wikiepedia. The wikipedia webpack is just 6Gb and the compressed zip is 4.5Gb. This has veeb possible because there are little to no images in this webpack as the Wikipedia images gallery at last count exceeded more than 75 Gb!

So go quick, and check this out. You never know when you might be stranded in sub-saharan desert and needed to find the closes oasis.


Anonymous said...

Webaroo is here to stay.

Abhishek said...

Actually I disagree. The more the net prolifiterates, the lesser will be the need for webaroo. However it will always find applications in niche areas like taking education to rural schools, esp. in Africa and India.

Anonymous said...

But prolonged usage of Webaroo will create a sort of your personal web :)