Sunday, December 31, 2006

How a 2500 year record could be broken

A sandbox at Wikipedia aims to beat the Mahabharata in being the longest poem. You can read it here.

However with only 1413 lines done in 3 months and with more that 1.8 million lines to go, this might take some time. Also, more importantly this will test if an open community can create something artistic / creative. If this works out maybe in the future we can have books, novels and maybe even art created by groups consisting of hundreds of thousands of people across the world.

Anyway, I have major cribs. I can't accept the fact that something called 'The Epic of Roy' can beat the Mahabharata. Also the first lines :

One day in a village in Russia, cold
A young boy named Bryce had turned thirteen years old.
He found out from the mainstream media
That there was a site called Wikipedia,
are not exactly awe-inspiring. BTW, I do not claim to have read the whole thing. As of now I am at line 57, and it's getting quite boring.

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