Monday, December 11, 2006

How did we miss this!

The new Chuck Norris of the Kannada Cricket Watcher.

Kid to storekeeper: What colours is this 1:6 cricketer diecast model available in ?
Storekeeper : Just in Kemp

Q) Describe the South African team in one phrase ?
Black and White and Kemp all over.

Q) How did India get beaten in the one-day series ?
Black and Kemp

Q) What do you call an Indian female who hooks up with Justin Kemp in Russia?
Leela Kempinsky

Q) Why did Irfan Pathan go to the opthalmologist?
Because he was seeing Kemp everywhere.

Q) How were India's bottomlines after the SA tour?
In Kemp.

Q) Why did SA win the poll for the best ODI team ever?
Because they had a very good Kemp-aign.

Q) What would you do if SA lost a wicket and the Man came in to bat?
Switch to Code Kemp.
PS1 : Ok, ok, these are nowhere as good at the real thing.

PS2: For all those who don't get the joke, in kannada, kemp == red. Now go read again.

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