Tuesday, December 12, 2006

A few brilliant quotes from the sporting week

All filtered from the BBC's much bigger list.

"Giles needs removing immediately. The only thing he can turn is my stomach."
Someone on the messageboard.

"I took Kanu on the Tuesday before the first game of the season because I never had any strikers. He said he hadn't kicked a ball since last season and I asked him if he'd been training. He said 'Yes, I've been running around the park some days' and I thought 'Yeah, I bet you have!'"
Portsmouth boss Harry Redknapp on Kanu.

"I had the Baggy Green in my hand a few days ago and smelt it. I love the smell - it smells of sweat and beer."
Andrew Symonds on the delights of Australia's famous cap.
(This after he was accused of not being loyal enough to Australia due to his English birth and such tosh.)

"At least I will be able to watch the Ashes, because I won't be sleeping."
Wigan boss Paul Jewell is left anticipating a restless night after his team's 4-0 loss to Liverpool.

"Get your s*** stars off our flag!"
Barmy Army to Aussie fans!

"Gilo goes up for lbw - umpire Koertzen looks at him as if he's just found him in bed with his daughter."
Cricket commentary from Ben Dirs on the BBC website for day four of the second Ashes Test.

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