Saturday, December 16, 2006

Uncle Sam all over again ...

"Does contributing to printing media interests you?" (sic)
"Does throwing up all over inconsequential pieces of blogsphere excite you"
"Does seeing stupid turds like Amit Verma take over and monopolize the publishing world make your stomach turn"

If your answer is in affirmative, we have an offer for you.

I'm part of a youth magazine called yaYM (Yet Another Youth Magazine) also called as AdhooraPoona. There have been many other similar attempts of the kind, and frankly they have been pretty good. However, we decided that there was no magazine for the physically atrophied and mentally mangled. So we decided to launch yaYM. We will cover all the issues of burning importance to today's youth - Rakhi Sawant's vital statistics, progress of all your favourite stars in Big Boss and of course most importantly vital issues in education and health, like "how to stare at your teacher without contracting AIDS".

So if you think you've got the balls, then please do not apply. Only seriously confused people with nothing better to do, might consider knocking on our hollowed portals.

Please contact me as soon as you're done with recanting your religion, and saying "AdhooraPoona, Poora Poona" 200 times.

(PS: this is an obscure joke that very few people will get. But, wtf!)

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Sam said...

Hey Abhishek, Good to read your blog. Dude - you'r the man. Is that y there are 3 comments in all the shit you belt out. kidding ... just playing your game !

Can we talk on the phone sometime - i am sure you can make some money from the kind of stuff you write. You have a sense of humor - no doubt, but i doubt if it will earn u some money unless u depend on us retards to help you. Wat do you say? send me an email on else gimme your cell num n i'll call u.


P.S - u are criticizing everything out there - is that the reason u dont have a profile page? Scared are we ??