Wednesday, July 27, 2005

The sun sets . . .

The sun sets across the sand
And I get together with my merry band
And play and dance and sing aloud
To form a larger, merrier crowd.

Aloud they cry and shout about
Without a strain of joyous doubt
Each and every note is true
Like wonder sky and golden hue

One voice more strong, deeper still
Emerged out of that merry hill
And the flame between too rose
Leaping tongues and tranquil prose

It played about on every face
A yellow shade and a merry place
And then the lips moved to make
A sound of quite heavenly uptake

Something that would stir the lore
And bring the Heavens weeping to the shore
Not quite joyous, not melancholy
It opened the petals, so gently...

The scent flowed out but remained still
Within that flower, on a lonely hill
And all round they spread the mirth
But we had enough to last the earth

And when they were done dancing around
I perched upon that higher ground
And looked again at my merry band
As the sun set across the sand!



maverick said...

is *sand* a typod error, it reads differently at the other blog

shruti said...

excellent...just as always...
remember that day..u had told me abt ballads...i tried to write 1...dunno how well it cameout...but ill be reading that for the next read meet..unless they have some decided topic again...

Abhishek said...

Kapeesh - yes, i changed it ,

Shruti - Nice, wud like to read it

Jake said...


shreevardhini said...

thats fantastic yaar, i wondered in the course of the first read whether you've copy-pasted wordsworth...

Abhishek said...

that's a huge compliment shreevardhini - hope you have not used it lightly

Jake - thanks

Nikhil K said...

What sand are you talking about?
And pretty good rhyming btw.

Abhishek said...

Nikhil _ pliss to be visting Colonos Agoraios from my sidebar for explanation

shreevardhini said...

no im sorry you got the impression that i mightve used it lightly; i meant it as a sincere compliment: its a beautiful poem.

Abhishek said...

thanks a mil.