Thursday, July 21, 2005

Robbo! At it again

After he ranted about cyclists roaming around France(when they could easily have caught the bus) and argued and hyped up England's chances for the Ashes, this time he takes a final deep breath of air via a friendly banter with 'Davo'.

First there is the usual 'import' player rant.

"Well yeah, that's another great move by the selectors - getting rid of your best player in Thorpe and bringing in a South African - what's that all about?

Well we've got no pride when it comes to pilfering other countries for international cricketers.

Well yes - Andrew Strauss, another South African, Geraint Jones - Papua New Guinea. And where's your captain from, India? Oh sorry, that was your last captain

And then more about his new found love for Giles.

"And what about those spinners?

Listen, Ashley Giles has managed to convert himself from an absolute no-hoper in to one of the most boring and effective bowlers in Test cricket. We're very proud of him.

He's learnt that he can only bowl on leg stump over the wicket and it'll be driving you lot mad. I can see Gilchrist losing his rag and taking a big swipe on the fourth day.

And then as usual he plays down England's talents and raises their chances.

"Well may the best team win - and I'm pretty sure that will be Australia.

Well I hope the best team doesn't win - so that'll be an England victory, then.

And if you want to read the whole thing - read it here


anil said...

That made up a good read dude!
Yes indeed, it was an awesome day. It is all going according to the plan, which I had scripted here -

Abhishek said...

will check that out - and yes I hope I've got Robbo another fan !