Friday, July 01, 2005

The Führer's Man

Word got around as the winds rolled in,
That the Führer's man was coming to town,
Scanning the path and lording the way
The Führer's man was coming to town.

Like the mellowed sun setting apace,
Slowly, then faster, now surely gone down
The waters seeped and then flowed for sure
That the Führer's man was coming to town.

Clippety-clop you could have said,
But for the army's blaring horn
Deaf was a man who didn't hear it,
That the Führer's man was coming to town.

The children silent, their eyes speaking
As ever a pair of open eyes,
They knew that there lies a foreign face,
The Führer's man in an earthly guise.

Around the books, with the Rabbi,
They stood and waited for the storm,
Heaven and earth watched together,
The Führer's man at the barn.

Rat-a-tat rat-a-tat he knocked the door,
Then tore down the physical shore,
Huddled together was his prey
The Führer's man then completed his chore.

God flew about in bits and parts,
As he knifed along in the air,
The men bound and chained inside
And the Führer's man in the chair.

He sent along those little rats,
To their final heavenly treat,
Then smirking, contemplating
The Führer's man settled on his meat.

Another dot on the map,
Another morn the sun bore dowm
Another cry in the sweet air,
The Führer's man is coming to town.


Aditya Bidikar said...

Seems you didn't keep the haloscan commenting. All the comments now be dead. :(

Nice template. Much better than before. But you can check out a few different templates. This lady from Australia does cool ones on You can check out one of them here.

PS: It's Führer, not Fuhrer. Big diff. You can write Fuehrer, though. Quite okay.

Aditya Bidikar said...

Sorry, the link doesn't work. This one does.

maverick said...

seems like you've finally cleared your bloggers' block

Abhishek said...

i knew about that slight spelling change that u mentioned, didn't know it mattered, will change it -

Yes, Kapeesh i have

Nikhil K said...

Reminds me of the old poem 'Pied piper Of hamelin'

Nikhil K said...

Reminds me of the old poem 'Pied piper Of hamelin'