Saturday, July 16, 2005

I'm dying to know who this guy was!

The BBC reports Harry Potter's book launch in Delhi. And yes, the reporter is quite perplexed.

" The muzak(music?) was strangely Eagles and hip hop as the children played a Quidditch game with small brooms and colour balls, participated in a crossword contest and did a magic jig.

In the best tradition of India's intensely political capital city, an uneasy, inarticulate politician had been curiously invited to be master of the ceremonies.

"I am a stranger to the world of creative arts," he mumbled. "But I hope Rowling keeps writing these books."

Read the full article here. Also read about India's representative. And yes people have already finished reading it and if you are not particularly a fan you can also read the .chapterwise synopsis(spoiler!)


shruti said...

remeber the guy who came with archana....the guy in white tlking about he read meet...hes from iit del iim ahemdabaad n guess what...loves quizzing 2..isnt that cool..

Aditya Bidikar said...

Nice post. Just one comment. 'Muzak' is quite correct.

Salil said...

muzak = background music like kenny g etc

Abhishek said...

sorry! musical ignorance exposed!!

Nikhil K said...

Considering that i am forwarded atleast three HP VIs every day, I wonder how the publishers will ever make a profit in India?