Friday, July 08, 2005

Ramu ke Chole!

Finally the man makes it clear. Today in a TV interview RGV said that he was definitely going to remake Sholay and even went to the extent of inviting Ramesh Sippy to the 'floor' to give a green signal to this much anticipated project. RGV made it clear that unlike Sarkar which was 'a tribute' to Godfather and largely adapted, not following the original script 'Ramu ke Sholay' as the interviewer preferred to call the film was going to follow the story almost exactly. In fact 'exact' is the word RGV used himself to describe the new Sholay.

He said however that though the story of a family getting murdered and hiring 'assassins' to take revenge would be the same, it would be set in modern day Bombay amongst the underworld. These situations would then lead to the original Sholay story. The dialogue, the clothes and environments would be adapted but the story would remain the same is what he essentially meant.

So expect another underworld film on the lines of Company, I think expect a similar look to the Satya, D and the like. However what RGV does to emulate the spectacular success of the music of Sholay remains to be seen. Delivering song hits is not exactly his forté.

Another interesting thing to watch out for in the coming weeks would be the casting. The effervescent duo of Jay-Vijay would need some living up to from today's generation of actors. Does Ramu delve into his bag of 'favourite' actors, does he rope in some big names or does he pull out another fresh face? Personally I think he will stick to established actors and expect someone from the Ajay Devgan, Abhishek Bachchan, Vivek Oberoi maybe even new-kid-on-the-block Randeep Hooda to fit the bill.

However when asked if the BigB was going to be a part of this epic venture RGV said, "Actually, we are currently working on the cast. It remains to be seen if Mr.Bachchan can fit into the plan of things. It would be a great experience working with such an amazing actor again. I would definitely love it if it works out." Ok, I am kidding. He said "No."


Enigma said...

I am of the opinion, that remakes tend never tend to do justice to the legends. The words "inspired by" tend to remind me of Anu malik, who, in general I despise.

But then, its RGV.

Hats off to Sarkar, I saw it today!

Abhishek said...

let's see - i am not against remakes per se - and yes Sarkar was pretty good