Friday, July 01, 2005

Jee Sarkar!

Not often do we, discerning movie-watchers think in terms of box-office and collections and so forth. So I recently got hooked to this site called A place where you'll get all the latest info and also pretty good reveiews that cater to not only the junta but also to the large population dependant on movies for a living like exhibitors(read theatre owners), distributors etc. The only person who I think, delves into 'kya chaalta hai aur kya nahi' kind of stuff is probably George.

He would probably justify a particular song or a particular sequence to enhance the film's selling quotient.(read what i would call sleazy skin-show)Thinking if i were a director ;-) , would I do what the director has done at a particular point is a good line to take before reviewing a Hindi film. This is something that i will always keep in mind while reviewing something in the future. And while we are on the subject of reviews, check out Taran Adarsh's review of Sarkar.(Spoiler Warning!)

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