Friday, November 30, 2007

Me - Run - Yes. You Join?

Me, my friend and the monkey-man will be running in the 4.5 km section of the 22nd Pune International Marathon, day after(this Sunday). Please come see us blaze the tracks. Congratulate the guys who'll win, and we'll wish you back in return.

And if you're a 20 something girl, satisfying all the frequently mentioned criteria, and really impressed by us - then remember, the other two guys have girlfriends.

(PS: All this running enthu is thanks to Dhammo. You've inspired me for ages.)

(PPS: Just for the record, my target is to complete the distance in 1 hr.)

(PPPS: If you're wondering if you're reading the right Abhishek's blog - the one who would sit around, reading books and watching movies, imitating a hibernating bear - then don't go anywhere. This is the Abhishek. I'm just trying to improve!)


Moksh Juneja said...

Hey... i am keen to participate in the Pune International Marathon... any website for reference?? Is the registrations still on?? Hope the marathon is on a Sunday!! Do let me know...

All the best to complete the Marathon!!!

Abhishek said...

Oh, forgot to link to them. The address is

The length befits the name ;-)

Moksh Juneja said...

thanks.. just checking