Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The eyes they closed
And off I dozed
On what seemed a sunny day
But it was cold outside
And it was cold inside
In a stupid, magical way

Eyes wide open
Eyes wide shut
No place where I could stay
They all came to see
Then they showed to me
That lonely yesterday.

I stared at me
Me stared at I
Eyes seemingly cast away
But I couldn't be
What I couldn't see
Until my dyin' day.

And then she said,
That she's afraid
That it turned out this way
But, can't you believe
She just couldn't leave
Her things on my byway.

The silver spoon
That filled my room
Had nothin' more to say
And I couldn't find
With enough money inside
A purse that would make her pay.

Eyes wide shut
Eyes wide opened
A place where I did stay
Showed to me,
what I couldn't see
What came to me today

'Twas Another face, In another place
To pass the rest of my days.

'Twas Another face, In another haze
To pass the rest of my days.

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