Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Verbatim: My college Sysadmin

Hi, there is a particular, unmonitored way by which you can send an email to all COEP students, via an alias. There are absolutely no restrictions - and anyone, using any ID can do so. As I predicted sometime back, ICICI bank has come to know of it, and soon will IMS, Career Forum and anyone looking to target college students. In fact, they would even be ready to pay for this.

Anyway currently, the misuse is mainly by college students to wish us a happy diwali, send us marriage proposals and offer free mobile phones. Finally - the giant called the sysadmin woke up. Here is the strict action he has taken

"It has come to my notice that a lot of students are misusing the college email id, especially the email address. I would like it to be known that this email address is for the sole purpose of making important announcements by the staff or secretaries of the various clubs in the college. It has been observed, that students are creating profile on social networking / matrimonial sites using this account. Please let it be known that the college has not provided you with email addresses for such frivolous activities. If you must register with social networking sites, do so using your personal email Id and not Furthermore, students are now spamming this id with emails promising free mobile phones. This is a HOAX. Please refrain from such blatant misuse of the college id in future.

System Administrator "


yasho said...

Do what?
Nokia is giving away free phones to sri lankans. They want word of mouth publicity. Send this message to a gazillion people and you will recieve a free reciept of a N95.

SOrry...coudn't resist myself. :D

Anonymous said...

haha. you just disclosed the email id. one sends an email to that id and it is mirrored across to all students.
so whats with you closing this (nice) article by saying you would disclose it for a charge? :-)

iwanna said...

i wish i wud have got any mobile by sending such 1100 suks :(