Monday, October 03, 2005

Didn't We Know That ?

Voilà, the Pigeonhole Principle.

courtesy Wikipedia
Statement : If there are n pigeons and (n-1) holes then there must be atleast one hole which has more than one pigeon.

Why should you know it? par exemple you can find out with how many people you are likely to share your birthday with and that you have the same amount of hair as atleast one person in your town. Go here, here and here for more.


maverick said...

oh boy, you seem to be taking T2 very seriously indeed.

and i dont like this word verification uve added

Abhishek said...

no choice. and dude ppl who take t2 seriously don't work on their comps during exams - finding out stuff that's not imp.

shreevardhini said...

cool pic! btw was making some template changes n have linked u, hope u dont mind.
ummm..WHY word verification??

Abhishek said...

hey pics courtesy wikipedia, and yes will add you in the next blogroll update.

WV is for the spam - there was a lot of crap b4