Friday, September 30, 2005

Exam Notes

Exams give a good opportunity for catching up on lost tunes. Heard Mr.Tambourine Man after a long time. Heard it throughout the day. Simply marvellous. That and Blowin' in the Wind. Exhillarating! Blowin' in the Wind for simplicity of lyrics and Tambourine Man for it's wild wild imagery. "smoke rings of my mind" - "Silhouetted by the sea, circled by the circus sands" - " the jingle jangle morning" " the twisted reach of crazy sorrow." - That and Dylan's trademark style! No words!


Saw an old episode of Dekh Bhai Dekh soon after Sarabhai vs. Sarabhai. I thought the latter was one of the best sitcoms I had seen. DBD blew it away. Different genres but still simplicity wins. The saw Tom&Jerry. Seeing it for the nth time, makes no difference!


Discrete Structures is a subject that would interest a lot of people who enjoy recreational mathematics. Learnt about how to analyze graphs and use it to solve that clichéd 'haat na uchalata kaadh' (figures to be drawn without lifting the pen) problems of the past. Euler and the famous Königsberg bridge problem. Interesting that.


Sick and tired of the whole Saurav & Greg saga. Karthikeyan isn't doing to well, we lost predictably to the Swedes, even Mirza can't seem to do better than make headlines for different fatwas. In England ManU aren't in the happiest of times despit a scratchy Champions League win. Vishy seems to be the only bright spot. Another long, dark, dismal trough in Indian Sport? Seems so!


A couple of weeks ago saw Dansh and Madagascar on the same day. Madagascar was sweet - something I would gush over if I was a girl. Apart from that nothing mentionable. Dansh was a huge disappointment. First time director Kanika Sharma's tale set during the MIZO uprising is an interesting experience to say the least. Kay Kay is competent but not stellar, Aditya Shrivastava (CID fame) and Sonali Kulkarni are the other two characters around whom the film revolves. Sonali Kulkarni turns in a surprisingly good/fresh performance and Shrivastava too is OK, but the direction is patchy to say the least. Some positive moments but otherwise thorougly passable fare.


maverick said...

dylan does DBD. but how can anybody do mathematics for recreation man...

Abhishek said...

I said people 'interested' in recreational maths. And if u see some problems - u wud enjoy it too