Wednesday, October 19, 2005

I, The Unofficial COEP Chronicler.

(my sincerest apologies to those not interested in updates from COEP, Pune)

News first. The hostel's got broaband which seems to be working in places, and is yet to become operational in others . Those who have computers and are lucky enough to have it operational in their block can plug in. Heard some reports about downloading fees/annual fees. Need to keep an eye on that one. Most reports regarding the speed seem positive.

The badminton court has got a grant to be completely redone. Work is expected to start soon, and hopefully one of the bright spots in college would become a bit better. However they need to change the draconian law wrt the timings. Needs to be open between 10 and 5 too. As for the TT courts don't know what's the take on that one, but hopefully that should be done as well.

College cultural activites were officially inaugurated with a usual dance, music programme. I've always envied people who could draw/paint well. Lots of such people at college. They had amazing sketches being drawn in the bg while the acts went on. Was totally absorbed watching that, through the ruckus in the fore. What was apalling in one sense, and exciting in another was the fact that senior teachers adressing the gathering were hooted at, and there was a general sense of an audience uprising. Mob-psychology anyone ?

Promises, Promises . . .
The college's alumni association is trying to go the extra mile to assure the students about it's grandoise plans for the college. These include :

1. Totally online processing of fee payment, admission etc.
2. Complete lease-line connectivity with an increased speed and a wider network.
3. Alumni data collection project.
4. A seemingly 'activite extraordinaire' - giving laptops to FEs which they pay off after a few years of graduation and
wi-fi hotspots across college.
5. International tie-ups with renowned foreign schools etc.

My advice, complete the subway first.

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