Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Remember, David won.

For all those who don't know already, this is what happened :

Gaurav and Rashmi wrote on their respective blogs about how IIPM, the management school perpetrate their lies (about facilities, foreign trips, placements, faculty etc.) through various fora. This involved a point-to-point critique of IIPM's fraudulent practices and their flouting of advertising norms, by luring gullible students into their institutes. This really pissed off the guys at IIPM (note the growing power of blogging) and caused them to serve a legal notice on Gaurav and JAMMag(the magazine for which Rashmi writes). This was fine - as this was a personal battle amongst Gaurav/Rashmi and IIPM. All this while some really crazy IIPM students went about plastering the blogworld, with really absurd, extremely shocking and downright gross comments on rashmi's commentbox and on newly created blogs.

Sample this :

' At 2:08 PM, IIPMstudent9 said...
... So here's my advice - take your ridiculous allegations and shove it. I'm glad my institute has issued notices against Gaurav Sabnis (a fake name, probably you masquerading as a man again!)...Here's wishing your tiny, yellow magazine a quick death. And us students will do all we can to hasten it...'

This is only a sample of the extent these seemingly out-of-mind students are going to malign Gaurav and Rashmi. I've been to a lot of websites, but not one of them contains a point-to-point rebuttal of the allegations leveled at IIPM. This only goes to prove the veracity of the allegations and IIPM's attempts to divert from the truth will not be tolerated by the blogging community.

What was shocking, was IIPM's attempts to involve Gaurav's employers IBM, by threatening to burn IBM laptops. This finally lead to Gaurav standing by his principles and resigning from the company. This decision cannot be praised enough.

All that remains is for the blogging community to prove in either the courts or to the advertising regulators about IIPM's long practice of throwing dust into people's eyes. I realize finding ways to overcome the money power of IIPM won't be that easy,but a concerted and united effort from all of the blogging community would go a long way in helping Gaurav and Rashmi prove their point.

Till then, please visit these sites and pick up more links from here for a full-rounded view of the happenings :
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