Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Why City beat United

Because they quiz before every game! Here is Micah Richards in his column for BBC Sport.

We get there[Manchester city centre] at about 6pm and always have a general knowledge quiz the night before the game, which is run by Les Chapman our kit-man. We do not split into teams, it is every man for himself!

The best by far is Didi Hamann, he has got a lot of knowledge, and the worst has got to be Kelvin Etuhu. He is actually good academically but some of his answers are ridiculous.

Me, I'm in the middle somewhere. I have not really got a specialist subject, although I normally do well with the music questions.


Yash said...

Another chance to show off..'eh?

anup said...

the little kids in my apartment could beat man-u while fumbling with the naaDaa of their loose chaddis at the same time :D

all hail man-city :P