Wednesday, October 10, 2007

The Pop Quizzing Joke Book - section I

The MELA quiz at MindSpark,(or barQing Mad as some of us like to call it) ensured conditions where I could comfortably stare at the screen, think about the answer for a nanosecond, and then resume with whatever I was doing before (i.e chatting, counting the number of tiles on the north wall, eavesdropping etc.) This is where these following jokes have their origin.

1. Why could Avinash Mudaliar never complete his maritial pheraas?
Ans: He insisted on a round reversal.

2. Why did no team finish the Military quiz?
Ans: Due to the rapid-fire round at the end.

3. Why did the times call the quiz "a victory of circular logic"?
Ans: There were too many rounds.

Yes, I know, the last one sucks.

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