Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Look Ma, I'm quoting Dani!

From here

Looking back, we ( the VIT quizzers and Kunal S) have done so much of college quizzing in the last two years that I think that we should really think about whether its worth or time to go for such frustrating quizzes any longer. It is an enjoyable quizzing experience that we are looking for, not the incentive to get yet another certificate of yet another college event. But then at the back of my mind I do know that most probably I will end up going for many more such quizzes this year, just in the hope of getting a good quiz, and a taste of Pune college quizzing for what will be my last year in VIT.

Man! Can't believe that a) I'm in final year already and b) I abso-fuckin'-lutely agree with the man. Wait a min, the last time I checked, that can't be good!


siddharth said...

Agreeing with me not good?...Great!

Kunal said...

a) Lots of us have, in the past, have had occasion to quote the Great One. There is nothing wrong in this. Embrace it.

b) Take his advice. If, next year, you end up in some Bobforsaken place where they do not quiz (eg: Jhumritalaya, Guntur or the USA) where they do not have good quizzes, you're going to regret not going to that MITWEC Quiz, believe me. Enjoy it while you can.

KT said...

yup. enjoy the quizzes. out here in gatech, there are quizzes once in a month or something.

what are your plans post BE?