Saturday, April 22, 2006

mein kuch bhi karne. ko taiyaar hoon,

if you buy me a copy of

kuch bhi,


k_chinmay said...

Ironically Im a Man City fanatic, so I guess u get the rest :)

Abhishek said...

sniff! sniff!
beep, beep
city fan detected
play pre-recorded message:

"Hello, hello, we are the the Busby boys,
Hello, hello, we are the the Busby boys,
And if you are a City fan,
Surrender or you'll die,
We all follow United."

k_chinmay said...


Just today, Liverpool beat Chelsea of all teams at Old Trafford of all venues.

The signs are clear. The Blue Half will soon be the Kings of Manchester.

Abhishek said...

you wish! Oh have I been dying to meet a City fan to take his case! As for today's match I just saw it, the scowsers barely managed to cling on, not that I didn't want them to, just maybe extra-time, penalties and Then a liverpool victory. That was what I was hopin for. But anyway, we ALMOST had it last time - but for those lucky hamming bastards. As for the FA cup, GO BOROUGH !!

k_chinmay said...

United dropped crucial 2 pts against the Cats, I had a sneaky feeling that they could possibly have edged Jose Moron-ho's men.

Neways, now Utd finish where they usually have grown accustomed to finishing-----2nd.

And we continue our work of rising from 12th.............duhz........

Georgios Samaras.....the man who will resurrect the fortunes at CoMS.