Tuesday, February 07, 2006

The Worst Design Award

(Material for Seinfeld. See previous efforts 1 , 2 .)

What is it with the ice-cream spoon ? You know the small flat one, with a curved end in a shape of a real spoon's shadow. Why does it have to be that way ? Can't they give it a bit of a curve ? You know, you're all in the mood to have that Nuts-and-Raisin , Mango Seasoned Sundae and he brings it in that big glass bowl - with that stupid flat spoon. "You can have as many as you want Sir, but we refuse to give you curved spoons. It has to hit the roof of the mouth while you eat it, that is how an ice-cream has to be enjoyed." Oh, I see!

Even if they hadn't thought of it before, they can change it now, can't they ? I refuse to accept that the ice-cream churning out community in India is clever enough to make waffle-cones in chocolate flavour but utterly incapacitated when it comes to making curved spoons. My claim is that the only reason why these spoons should even be allowed to occupy the fast diminishing space on shop-shelves is because millions of nursery school kids depend upon them to make small pretty little huts. You know in craft class they have to stick these sticks on paper to make villages and that sort of thing. That, my friends, is the only reason why these little fiends should be allowed to survive on the face of this planet!


Anonymous said...

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u need a life dude