Wednesday, January 25, 2006

I'm telling you for the last time + 1.

(a.k.a some material for Seinfeld to try out)

Why is it that these tennis players have to carry their big heavy bags themselves after the game. You know, they've played a Five-set roller coaster of a match, one player wins the final set 18-16 and then he looks to the sideline and says - 'oh boy, the bag's got to be carried, I've got to fill it up with my all my rackets and carry it all the way back to ' I don't know wherever it is that they carry big heavy bags to.

Why can't they have someone to carry the bags. They've got all those over-enthusiastic kids running all around those stupid balls all the time, are you telling me they're too tired to carry the bag ! (then in a kid's voice) 'No, I'm not carrying the bag - no, not the bag! You give me a thousand balls to chase around - I'll do that, but the bag? Nah ! I'm too tired for that '

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