Sunday, January 08, 2006

Campaigning for Bihar begins . . .

No, I've not been reading an old newspaper. It's just that 'Miracle Man' Nitish Kumar after having robbed us of aaluu from our samosa, is now planning to attract all the NRB investment to his state. Now before your imagination goes bonkers, NRB stands for Non Resident Biharis (lol), and I suppose that includes the hordes of Bihari immigrants in Calcutta and Mumbai.

How, you ask. Voila 'Bihar Calling'. After locking horns with laaluu over his prolonged exploitation of Bihar, Nitish Kumar is seen proudly proclaiming excellent infrastructure and 'seeds of security' in Bihar. A slick campaign, no doubt - but hopefully backed by action on the ground. Also to note was NK's fervent appeal for investment at the currently going on Pravasi Bharatiya Din at Hyderabad.

PS : Also to note Renuka Chaudhary's 'Athithi Devo Bhavaa' ad - which IMHO should get the 'most inadroitly shot ad' award. It shows a local 'feeling-up' a firang lady, and the lady's Indian friend promptly appears on the scene and tells the man "This is why tourists don't come to India". Sick !

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