Sunday, December 11, 2005

This is Big

... and stupid.

Roy Keane has apparently passed a medical at Real Madrid, and should be moving there anytime soon. I think this by far, is the final cap on a series of stupid decisions that Florentino Perez has taken, since when he ushered in the Galacticos era.

Keano is a great motivator, but he's 34, he won't be motivated and all he's looking for is a good time. If Gravesen cannot get a game, a similar but younger player Keano's chances seem extremely slim.

I only hope Perez did this 'cause Keane came cheap. I don't see any other reason for Spanish in an Irish accent to be heard around Madrid anytime soon.

(Wonder what Beckham might be feeling as he sees England acquaintances slipping by, saying hi at Real Madrid)

PS: This is the only link I could find, and the seal of confirmation is still awaited as far as this news goes.

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