Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ici, Il fait beau !

Some musings from the garden city.

* Saw my first Kannada film (Amruthavarshini) on the State Govt. Volvo bus service. This was after they made me sit through Garam Masala, and switched off the wonderful reading lights they have there.( Go and sleep, why do you want to read?). It's funny how I understand what they're saying - but never quite get even one word in the songs. Also the Kannada film was definitely better than Garam Masala, but hey, that's not saying much.

* How can a govt. bus show the latest movies on pirated CDs. They've got no right to tell others to stop if they can go flouting the rules on every bus they have. I don't think the anti-piracy campaigners have quite grasped the gravity of the bus-movie-showing business. And why can't they show serials, episodes, musical programmes etc. instead of bad, new, movies?

* Was pleasantly surprised to see Venkatesh Prasad smiling down on me from the Andhra Bank hoarding. For some reason I've always had a soft corner for VP.

* I'd seen before going and I'd heard someone saying that the roads in Pune were better. No need to be worried, my Pune Brethren - we are still number one.

* It's quite cloudy and pleasant here - so the weather's fantastic. Also got to have a look at Chinnaswamy Stadium and saw ManU thrash Portsmouth 3-0. So, so far, the going's been good.


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