Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Schizophrenics No More !

Ok, we are now officially COEPians. A new board(boards?) has been put up and tomorrow there is a programme to annnounce this formally. The Maharashtra Herald readers might have read this already. Since most of my fellow students are on their bi-annual pre-exam hibernation break, I though this place would be a good place to tell all. Also I intend to rub the smiles off some of my seniors' faces, who separated themselves, under the name guise. So, you, you and particularly you - alteast I will graduate from a college with the same name as you all.

Also here are a few snippets from today's papers.

Lila Poonawala (Alumnus and one of the main campaigners for the name restoration)

On Thursday, I would again enter 'my' college. PIET sounded very alien. I was at the forefront of the alumni agitation for the restoration of the original name. I had persued the matter upto the CM..."

R Vasudevan(of Vascon Engineers)

"There is sense in restoring the original name. Industries are spending billions on building brand names and. So there was no sense in losing a brand name that has built up over a 100 years..."

So from tomorrow we all will be proudly COEPians again.

However there is a catch.

The official name reads : 'P.I.E.T 's COEP' -

So if you were worried about sanity prevailing, don't. Tell everyone, everything is as mad as ever.


Ramanand said...

ha ha :-) welcome back.

maverick said...

uh huh PIET's COEP, duh. And i was just beginning to think that atleast the highest authorities in our college had some sanity...anyways what happened at the NTU thing

Abhishek said...

JR : Coming right in!

Kapeesh : there's some big story about the PIET's COEP - I haven't understood it fully.

Harish Kumar said...

So now you get ragged all over again?

Abhishek said...

see, if you guys showed a bit of kindness ... for eg. not even mentioning the topic again... that would be nice.

shruti said...

i wish u had copied a few more lines of d herald here. i just realized dat dere old paper versions on net....hv been scrapped off...n dis is all d source i hv for information regarding d name change for d report dat goes into d coepian...
good v dun hv to rite...bibliography or courtsey so n so...below d report..
haresh shah n his team ...well lets hope dey hv agood sense of humor