Wednesday, November 23, 2005


special crossStyx Spotlight

Where - National Film Archives of India (NFAI), Law College Rd.,Pune.
When - 1st to 7th December
Entry : Free, First Come First Serve.

Schedule :
1st Dec. : Hotel Rwanda (UK)
2nd Dec. : Enduring Love (UK)
3rd Dec. : Samia (FRA)
4th Dec. : Mitr - My Friend (IND)
5th Dec. : Kannathil Muthumittal -The Peck on the Cheek (IND)
6th Dec. : Aprilkinder - The April Children (GER)
7th Dec. Gegen Die Wand - Head On (GER)

All films : 6:30 PM except Mitr: 8 PM.

Comments :

I don't thing this festival is much publicized, but the films look promising. Hotel Rwanda is a film I've heard a lot about. Also I haen't ever watched a Mani Rathnam in Tamil. So really want to watch Kannathil Muthumittal. So if you're in town, or don't have exams(like me), or don't have anything better to do, then this should be really good. I'll try an catch at least a couple of films.

Oh, and for more info you can call NFAI at : +91-20-2565 8253.



Ramanand said...

Hey - many thanks for the tipoff. Like you, have heard many things about H Rw. I don't know what KM is doing in a Euro film fest, but will be good to see it on a larger screen than my tv. I wholly recommend it - vintage MR movie, good music (ARR - national award). I should hopefully be around for runtime translation :-) Acc to me, it has the most realistic depiction of military warfare (only a few scenes though) in an Indian film, so good technical feast as usual.

BTW, it is Mutthamittal not Mutthumittal :-)

Abhishek said...

Was hoping for a recommendation from you for MR's film. Unfortunately will not be able to make it. WIll see you at H Rw.

As for Mutthumittal, that is how the brochure put's it.

(PS: Mitr is Revathy's much acclaimed film, should be good too.)

Ramanand said...

your link for samia points to a film called loin. I think it should be (there are 2 Samias on imdb)