Friday, August 26, 2005

Some Quotes 'this guy' would like:

* Beware of a thick book - Richard Wagner

* No real Englishman in his secret soul was ever sorry for the death of a political economist. - W.Bagehot

* Around the splendid public buildings we are erecting in Philadelphia, there stood till very recently a stiff and angular structure of wood. Like that scaffolding is the Tariff around the edifice of our national industries. It is not aesthetic. It adds nothing to the beauty of the edifice. But we cannot do without it. - Robert Ellis Thomson

* Well, I don't give a [expletive deleted] about the lira - Richard M. Nixon

* Of the rivalry of first-class powers for the control of foreign markets, whether for the sale of goods or the investment of capital, has proven itself a menace to the peace of the world (and that such is the case, no one will care to deny), the explanation must be sought in the arrested development of political relations rather than in the in the development of industrial conditions. The integration of political control has not kept pace territorially with the expansion of commercial interests. - Henry C Adams

* For every problem, economists have an answer. Simple, neat and wrong. - H.L.Mencken

* In the long run we all are dead - John Maynard Kaynes

* The world has narrowed to a neighborhood before it has broadened into a brotherhood. - Lyndon B. Johnson.

* Rich Men's clubs take care of their own members and we are told to fend for ourselves. -Indira Gandhi

* When you get there, there is no there there. - Gertrude Stein.



Kunal said...

Wtf?! Only Economists can make (and enjoy) Economics jokes!

Abhishek said...

I'm still trying to enjoy a few others.(BTW is the book any good)

What's the is 'wren and martin' for basic introductory economics. This book is very keen on International economics.