Thursday, July 26, 2007

This is BackByte material!

I used to reach Chip magazine pretty regularly and it had this brilliant section called "BackByte" - the last page reserved for user contributions on funny stuff relating to computing and technology. I distinctly remember having seen a scan of the advt. for a certain "MacroHard Systems".

Anyway - I was playing around with my comp today - and was using this utility called SpinRite. Now SpinRite is no ordinary utility - it is pretty famous, with it's well formed Wikipedia page, and the much eulogizing website.

There are of course brilliant testimonials : "Your product saved my butt this weekend." and "I was blessed by having purchased Spinrite 6.0". It claims to "refresh" your magnetic loss on the HDD. Maybe - I dunno. I eventually didn't use it - but you have to see this brilliant UI design.

Now is that genius, or what!

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