Sunday, May 20, 2007

Catch this on Sunday Afternoons

As usual, spent the day before an exam (till now) procrastinating, and generally doing nothing. Chanced upon Zee Studio playing Truffaut's "Vivement Dimanche", and figured out they're going to show films from UTV's so called Olive Collection.

Every Sunday at 3. Vivement Dimache is of course great, apart from which I can see Kurosawa's "Seventh Samurai", something I have been wanting to watch since a long time. Also I see Robert Altman's Kansas City.

And yes, it's as good as a DVD, only 3/4 commercial breaks, with only the nice "MakeMyTrip" advert. Check out all details here.

PS: The timings on the site may be skewed, and some of the stuff may be already over. Keep a watch on the channel itself, methinks.


Geeta Eral said...

Hey Abhishek,

Interesting blog, you've got there. BTW, thanks for calling our advert "nice" :-)

Which is the one you refer to? Would love to have more feedback.

Abhishek said...

the ad with people in various places - holding placards in different holiday locations. The jingle has something like "season trip, off season trip, sastaa trip, mehangaa trip, makemytrip"

Geeta Eral said...

Thanks Abhishek,

Glad you like it.

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