Tuesday, May 01, 2007

AS : We bow to thee!

I've always believed in the theories of the gradients and of the "gray vs black/white" notions, and that nothing in itself is either totally right or wrong. It's just a question of how far you are from the net, and are you on the right side.

This theory holds for the so called "Generation Gap", the name given to the tendency of people of different ages to differ in their thoughts, opinions and tastes. However as Stephen Hawking (who I owe much of my love of the history of science to) writes eloquently in The Brief History of Time about theories and saying that one counter-example was enough to disprove a theory, while even a million examples were nit enough to prove it.

The above theory, at least for the application in the case of Generation Gap has failed abjectly to explain the thinkings of a certain Anand Sivshankar, I and a few readers of this blog might know. I, for one, am absolutely sold, on this post that monsieur has published.

Calling impropriety of dress, a lack of "sartorial elegance" and commenting on lasses who "leave a strand of undergarment peeking out from beneath" is exactly the kind of words and thoughts you would expect to spew forth from ssanand.blogspot.com. It is as if the law of gradual increase in the generation gap gave up when it met against Anand, and said - boss, this one's impossible.

That said, this post is a must read. How we wished he wrote more often.

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