Friday, May 12, 2006

Marginally there!

Marginal Revolution the great economics site run by Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok had a logo contest going on and being the avid design enthusiasts that we are, we took part with a in-half-hour photoshop design. Turns out I got a Special Mention on the site for making the final cut of selections.

Tim Harford tells us that the prices of the most sought after commodity is not absolute but relative to the so called 'marginal' product. Hopefully we have not been marginalized too much!

Here btw is my entry :

And here is the winning entry :

(PS : I wholly agree that the winning design deserves to win - but hey, I'm just a college kid with no formal training in design. So there might be future in this line!)


Kunal T said...

Brilliant design macha. YOu have some skills in this area!

The Unrest Cure said...

Hi. Got here via Marginal Revolution. I thought your was better than the other three shown, so thought I'd leave a message declaring as much. Great work. :)

triya said...

great job Abhishek. Tyler is an awesome Professor of Economics. btw. you write well. did you consider publishing as a career?


Abhishek said...

thanks everybody - and triya, yes I am willing to write as long as there is someone to publish!

Anand said...

yep, the future's bright !
Keep at it !

maverick said...

urs is more like a marginal rotation than revolution. guess thts where the winner pipped u
but cheers! gr8 going

Kunal said...

Good one da. Keep it up, just mind the spellings ;-).