Saturday, June 04, 2005

Of Buntys,Bablis,Ruffled Hair and Pani Puris

Exams are over - And after a long time I have some really solid vacations to savour. Hence I am in Mumbai my fav. city to cool off. Last few days have been really good. Here's how:

1. My bad fate with hazaron khwaishen ... continued. I went to 7-G multiplex at Bandra to watch the film, but only ended on the wrong side of the ticket vendors sneers when he pointed out that the movie was at 10:30 Pm not Am. So I bought tickets for B-aur-B and cooled off in the remaining time snapping some amazing pics at Linking road. I watched the movie - which I must say was above expectations and then headed off to ELCO market in Bandra where my mom says we get the best pani Puri in the world. Actually there has been a huge debate in Blogsphere about this particular topic so I must confirm that this pani puri is probably the best I have had and most definitely the most expensive at 25 bucks per plate. (But hey not everyday does someone serve pani Puri with disposable gloves). Overall amazing fun rounded off by an evening visit to Crossroads.

2.Main action - Ate pani Puri which my uncle claims is the best ever. It came close but ELCO was better. Then had an amazing swim at the club and rounded it off watching the 'piano' on star-one.

3.Again tried to watch hazaaron .. but then I was disallowed from entering when I could not produce age proof. How sick ! Maybe Sudhir Mishra should get royalties from other producers from the number of people who come to watch his film and watch others.(I saw 3 films trying to see hazaron - and yes,Sudarshan saw kaal in the same pursuit).Saw Naina which is the crappiest film I have seen in a long time. Anuj Sawhney (of nayee padosan infame)sucks and Matondkar is the same version from bhoot - the only good thing is the sound and special FX but hey I would rather see that in Star Wars that on haring Cross station. And yes a gift from god for bearing the searing heat and dust is an
occasional attempt at stellar observation. I saw Saif Ali Khan with his Italian(?) Girlfriend from close quarters. I am not in for much gossip mongering but when in Mumbai do as Mumbaikars do.

Joke of the day -

Q: Why is Saif Ali Khan a zero ?
Ans: Because he has to negotiate an Italian defence.

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