Sunday, June 12, 2005

Ferrari - One Day

For all you Ferrari fans out there yesterday's race must have been refreshing. However lets not get too excited. In terms of sheer race pace Ferrari were quite off the mark. It was their good fortune that first the Renaults and then Trulli dropped out just when they were going to pip the Ferraris into another mediocre result. These teams are taking risks in order to maximize car-potential and hence they may drop out. But next time, especially the Renaults will be back with a vengeance and Kimi is in the form of his life. I don't see how Shumi will pip these guys and so at best he may come 3rd. Even Montoya seems to be catching up and come Indy - his old hunting ground, he will be a considerable foe.

So unless the guys from Maranello get their act together this season will be just what it has been - a violent struggle for 'reasonable' results. Like all Ferrari fans I dream about the day I see Schumi's traditional leap on the top step of the podium and the technicians guzzling that huge bottle of the winner's champagne.


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