Saturday, April 23, 2005

Those Little Red Shoes

Pitter Patter Rain drops fell through the sill,
Voices squealed in my head of many a rainy day,
When the streets filled up, water by the bay
When the leaf turned over for a greener day
And life stopped, it's beating heart perfectly still.

I remembered the day when i breathed a foreign air
In a town of life, a town of vibrancy,
A place that fluttered on the cusp of joyousness
A place where lips would cup and minds glistening
Would lay open their cards, hands down.

Wondrous places lit up my eyes and coloured my face
Trembling drops around me crashed
When around came those pattering soles
Amidst a trip of green and blue
And vanished around the corner without a trace.

My eyes followed the tiny prints
Around the corner into the next street
Where beyond in the mud lay the source
Of much splattering and thumping
As the lonesome pair enjoyed each other

Splashing a wand of colour to the fading eye
Conjuring up a tempest of emotion in thy heart
Much wonder what two worthless feet can do,
They can make the heartless seem worthy
And life doesn't seem all about i,me and my.

Just when those stomping soles were firmly tread
Suddenly came the squealing noise,
Followed by an awe-struck voice
As it saw those soles,and the now broken bud
Those pattering feet in the mud
Earlier blue - now turned red.


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