Monday, April 11, 2005

Puneri Wins the World Cup !

Lisa Sthalekar

I know how we indians have this annoying obesession of picking out some far out NRI who has achieved something and hype that person so much that he is suddenly remembered that he has a penninsuar region somewhere in Asia that has 1 billion people talking about him. Well i usually despise such a thing. Case in point Bobby Jindal.
However i just could not resist it when i found out Australia's second highest scorer against India in the Women's World Cup final was a lady called 'LISA STHALEKAR' who was born in 1979 in PUNE. Hurray !!

I think she is the first Pune born person to hold the World Cup for Cricket in both versions of the game. And BTW if Lisa Carpini Sthalekar says she doesn't care a bit about India, don't be surprised !

(PSST : To find out more click here)


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