Monday, February 14, 2005

Talking Sorrow . . .

Talking sorrow, singing love
Mercy of God far above,
Talking to me - telling me so
The tender heart that loves to go

Around the world, in the eye
And together we live and die
And together we go around
Through closed minds and open ground

Tell me more, of day and night
Of infinite blindness, pointless sight
Treasury filled, is joy no more
To the heart filled with love before

When trees tell, and the birds cry
Far far above, in the sky
He's telling me - to fool around
The gentle touch, and incoherent sound

To tell us more of the tearless eye
The hand that fell in the blazing sky
Tempest, sandstorm, wind and mill
Come and go as it stands still

It whispers something and goes around
Joy discovered, nothingness unfound
Talking sorrow, singing love
The Mercy of God, far above.


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