Friday, January 14, 2005

PIFF - Scene One Take One

I don't know if the organizers had planned this or whether it accident that King Lear and Ran both featured on the same day within a few hours of each other. Now it was pure chance that i watched the two movies. The original King Lear being a Russian version the main beauty of dialogue was lost, Shakespearen plots being exemplified by their wonderful imagery apart from the compelling storyline. Siddharth suggested that i watch Run, a french-japanese film (directed by Akiro Kurosawa who Nikhil told me was a brilliant director). Anyway i couldn't help notice the similarity it had to King Lear. Later it turns out the film is a Japanese adaptation of the same and King Lear's daughters are replaced by 3 sons. Even a few scenes where they carries the dead bodies of Cordelia and King Lear,the role of the Knave, the scnene where he picks grass in a field among others have been adapted.
However just for the record i thought both the films were pretty boring and to see the same thing twice - My first film VISA USA saved the day.

PS: Why was Ran - a Japanese adaptation, shot in Japan, with Japanese actors in French ?

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