Sunday, January 16, 2005

'Iske badle me Woh'

'Delegates' are requested to note the following changes in the film schedules -

'Beautiful by Day' will be shifted from 11 am to 9pm.

'Swimming Pool' will be replaced by 'The Bathtub'

'Fire' will be replaced by 'Water'

'Hungarian Rhapsody' will be replaced by 'Swedish Parody'

'Run Lola Run' will be replaced by 'I Ran'

'Officers' room' will be replaced by 'The Magic Broom'

'The Straight Path' will be replaced by 'Hera Pheri'

'Delegates' are also requested to note cancellation in screening of the film 'Procrastination' due to delays in the arrival of the film, and 'I will survive' due to the tragic passing away of the film's Chinese director Mae Togaya.

We at Purely Insipid Formula Films(PIFF) would like to thank all or delegates for their kind co-operation in making this event a big success. Delegated are also requested to note that next year 'we' will be replaced by WCCBFF
(We Cheated the Censor Board Film Festival). Till then, Chao.


PS: All of the above is inspired from the replacement of Howrah Bridge by China Gate and the notice being place at E^2 while the movie was being screened at NFAI.

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