Monday, May 10, 2004


Was just reading something about quizzing leagues somewhere. When i heard of the idea of a league - an idea developed in my mind, but when i proceeded to actually read the details i found that it was radically different from the actual idea that i had in my mind. However my actual idea can be actually tweaked a litle bit here and there to actually fit the Pune Quizzing Circuit as i like to call it . We have number of quizzes round the year and some most of the teams coming are common to all the quizzes. Some quizzes have a rotating audience which comes to only a particular quiz, but say 15 teams do try and make it to every quiz. It is for these teams that this idea of quizzing league will be extremely important/useful.

Now my idea is influenced by the Formula1 scoring system to some extent. There is a concept of College/Company (equivalent to teams) and teams(equivalent to drivers).Following is an exact description.



Points in Elims = 10 X (Score in Elims + (10 - rank) for all teams qualified for the final).

i.e if a team scores 15 points in the elims and comes 2nd overall thereby qualifying for the finals then they get a score of 10 x (15 + (10 - 2)) = 230 points.

if a team scores 9 points in the elims and does not qualify for the finals then they get only 90 points.

Ambiguity no 1: What if two teams gets equal rank and both qualify :
Then both get equal number of championship points.

Ambiguity no 2 : What if two teams get equal points and only one qualifies via a tie breaker:
Then the team which does not go through does not get the bonus points for qualifying for the finals.


Number of points = Score in the final + bonus points as following :

1st 50 points
2nd 40 points
3rd 30 points
4th 20 points

Now if the winner is decided via a tie break - then both the teams get equal no of base points and different number of bonus points. Now if two teams are tied on 4th place and since there is no need to resolve a tie breaker the total number of points they get will remain equal.


The teams which gets maximum amount of champioship points at the end of a season will be declared the winner with subsequent runners-up etc.


For calculating the total points of a particular institution the top two teams of that instituion will be chosen and their points will be added up to decide the best team score. That institution willbe given the winners title.


A certain board of avid quizzers will be chosen most probably comprising of 5 members. This board will have a Chairman and Chief Scorer. It will be sole jurisdiction of the Chairman to resolve any disputes or for the interpretation of rules. All disputes regarding the scoring pattern etc will be resolved by the chief scorer. This committee shall be divided into two parts. One comprising of the Chairman and the Secretary. This legislative committee will look after all the rules/regulations interpretations etc. etc. The other will be the executive committee consisting of the Chief Scorer, Scorer and Administrative Officer(AO). The Chief Scorer and the Scorer will have the responsibility of documenting all the results and preparing tables, scores and announcing results. In case of any ambiguity they will consult the Chairman for any interpretation of rules.It will be the duty of the AO to ensure that all the participants get a regular update of their positions and if possible to maintain an online document of the same. It will be his duty to notify changes in itenerary and to look after the finances of the board.

All the teams will register with the Board before the start of the quizzing circuit with all necessary information. Teams will be allowed to join the league at any time during the season.

The board can try and have an observer present at all the quizzes to rank the quizzes, in terms of organization etc. etc.

Qualifying Quizzes :

It must be noted that it will not be possible to accomodate all the quizzes to be a part of the Quizzing circuit. It would be much better if we had a list of reputed quizzes say about 12 in number which will be members of this league. Various institutions can be asked to organize one event a year(as most already do ). Therefore it can pre-released before the start of the year and an itenerary can be drawn up of all the participating quizzes and approx. dates.
This will lend a sort of formalization to various quizzes.


The PCQ Board will prepare a timetable of events, and a list of participating institutions. The following rules must be followed by participating institutions.

1. They must make available the scores and ranks of atleast the participating teams in the elims.

2. They must make available the final scores of all the teams to the Board.

3. They must fix an approx. date of their event and notify the board of any change whatsoever.

The participating quizzes must ensure that their quiz is of a particular standard. They must ensure that the whole process is fair and every effort must be made to ensure the best standard possible.

The board reserves the right to add new rules and regulations for participating teams and reserves the right to add/expel new quizzes etc from the itinerary.


At the end of the quizzing season the Board can organize a final quizzing nite/afternoon. This will be for declaring the winners of the individual and the team titles. The Board will also give suggestions regarding the organizing of various quizzes and will suggest improvements. The Board may also give a Best Organized Quiz of the Year to a particular quiz.

On this quizzing siesta on the last day the board will organize a quiz on its own behalf. This may be in a different format to the normal for eg. knock out etc. Lots of fun things can be done before end on season on this last day.


Every participating team will pay a pre decided amount to the Board. Also the participating teams must pay a pre-decided amount to the board to be a part of the quizzing circuit. The members of the board may have the right to be paid a certain honourarium for their invaluable services.The Board fund will be utilized for the organization of the finalquiz. All the relevant logistics regarding finaces will have to be discussed in person.


This is a general idea and a final draft can be drawn once a general consensus is reached. I think this is extremely feasible idea provided all of us co-operate. We can have a website of the PCQ on which this league can perform. This can spawn a number of other ideas. We can have fictional betting on the teams, fantasy leagues, fantasy teams, etc etc. I see some problems like team changing will not be possible as in i cannot team up with person A in one quiz and person B in another quiz. However the number of plusses are huge, this will ensure a general regular attendance at various quizzes - loyalty will be increased, people will be encouraged for organizing quizzes well.There will be direct competition amongst quizzes and those a part of this circuit will get a reputed name. Suppose someone is organizing a quiz for the first time he will do it properly hoping that next time they might be included in the circuit. Also suppose i am coming 5th in a particular quiz then i will not give up, as in there will still be something to play for. Competitiveness will increase and the element of fun will be enormous. Hoping that next year this league will be a reality ---

FC Quiz Society - QUEST (did anyone know it had a name!!)

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