Friday, May 14, 2004


Well after some deliberations with Salil and a few others and a few after thoughts, i have decided to present the final,general and toned down version of my idea for a quizzing league in Pune. The general and major difficulties with my earlier proposal were
a)what if partners are changed
b)money needed to be paid ??
c)Difficulty in attending
d)ppl getting rewarded just for turning up

Now i see points a) and d) as important points that need to be resolved. As for people not able to attend all the quizzes, i re iterate that this system will be used only for MAJOR quizzes and i have brought down the number to eight quizzes only. So i don't see a problem with that as these people can atleast try and attend these quizzes. A tentative list will include ;

b)BG Joshi (AIT)
c)BJ Quiz
e)VIT quiz (which one pls notify me and tell which when where ?)
f) Shyam Bhat quiz
g)AFMC quizzes

I might have missed a few quizzes and there might be some important ones coming up newly. Anyways i will be floating a sort of official application for membership of Pune Quizzing Circuit soon after some discussion.

Modified Scoring System :

After taking into consideration the faults of the previous scoring system main modifications include ,

1) Only those getting half the cut off points will be considered for point addition. This ensures that just turning up will not guarantee u points.

2) As for the teams thing, viz. partner changing i accept that is a major problem. The solution is that points are maintained for individual players and not for teams though they may compete as teams. Now for example A & B and C&D form a team for a quiz. The first team comes 1st and the other does not get any points. Then both A and B get the specified points while C and D get nothing. Now if in the next quiz A and D team up and get say 10 points then - these 10 points are added to A's previous total and D in total gets 10 points. I think is a very acceptable system.

The rest of the scoring system remains as it is that is:


Points in Elims = 10 X (Score in Elims + (10 - rank) for all teams qualified for the final).

i.e if a team scores 15 points in the elims and comes 2nd overall thereby qualifying for the finals then they get a score of 10 x (15 + (10 - 2)) = 230 points.

if a team scores 9 points in the elims and does not qualify for the finals then they get only 90 points.


Number of points = (Number of Correct answers X 20) + bonus points as following :

1st 50 points
2nd 40 points
3rd 30 points
4th 20 points
NOTE - another important change to be noted is that instead of score in finals - we get total number of correct answers X 20 (not 10). This ensures that even if IR is not followed(very very unlikely) then also we score via IR.

The individual tile and the team title will be decide as previously stated. However one imp. change to the team title is that instead of the top two teams - the scores of the top three players will be noted for the final score.


The board might be toned down to two members only but the board will have a panel of 5 observers. These will ensure that atleast two of them is present at each specified event to oversee proceedings, to note down scores and other formalities. These observers will see the standard of the quiz and rate them and suggest improvements. They might also visit quizzes whose membership will be considered for the next year.

The board will be totally honourary and quizzers will not have to pay to take part. But they will have to register. There might be a small fee that night have to be paid by the member quizzes so that out of this money at the end of the year we can reward the best quizzers, team and the best organized quizzes. There might not be cash prizes for the winners as this will be a totally voluntary exercise, but i think the praise itself will be enough.

The member quizzes will have to register with the board and will have to follow certain guidelines like allowing the observers to the see scores of individuals in elims etc. These rules remain same as previous.

The year ending quiz event remains a dream for me and lets see as the season goes on if we can make it a reality

As for the website where to host the scores and table i think a message board like the fergie one will do, - so that's where all this will be put up.

FC Quiz Society (someone remember the name ?)

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